Environmental Science

Nickel is a naturally occuring element (the 24th most abundant element in the periodic table) and as a consequence of natural and man-made processes can be found ubiquitously in the air, soil, sediments and water. As with all metals and chemicals, excessive amounts of nickel in any of these environmental compartments can result in deleterious impacts on the quality of the environment for flora and fauna.

Fact Sheets

The Nickel Environmental Risk Assessment Fact Sheet series is a resource created by NiPERA Inc., in conjunction with ARCHE Consultancy, to communicate the concepts and outcomes of the EU Environmental Risk Assessment on Nickel and Nickel Compounds to industry, regulatory authorities, and the general public.  The purpose of the fact sheets is to assist the reader in understanding the complex environmental issues and concepts presented in the risk assessment by summarizing key technical information and providing guidance for implementation.  Currently, ten fact sheets are available:

Fact Sheet 1: Data Compilation, Selection, and Derivation of PNEC Values for the Freshwater Compartment

Fact Sheet 2: Data Compilation, Selection, and Derivation of PNEC Values for the Soil Compartment

Fact Sheet 3: Data Compilation, Selection, and Derivation of PNEC Values for the Marine Aquatic Compartment

Fact Sheet 4: Incorporation of Bioavailability in the Freshwater Aquatic Compartment

Fact Sheet 5: Incorporation of Bioavailability in the Terrestrial Compartment

Fact Sheet 6: Secondary Poisoning Risk Assessment of birds and Mammals Exposed to Nickel in their Diets

Fact Sheet 7:  Regional/Continental Point and Diffuse Emissions

Fact Sheet 8: Data Compilation, Selection, and Derivation of PNEC Values for the Sediment Compartment 

Fact Sheet 9: Incorporation of Bioavailability in the Sediment Compartment

Fact Sheet Special Issue 1:  The Derivation and Implementation of an Environmental Quality Standard for Nickel in European Surface Waters

Readers who would like to view the Report on EU Environmental Risk Assessment of Nickel and Nickel Compounds in its entirety are directed the following website:


Additional Resources

Additional resources are available below.

Below are two reports on the rapid removal from the water column method development and supporting studies that illustrates how the T/DP-E may be combined with additional findings to support the weight of evidence evaluation for nickel removal from the water column.

University of Michigan Report on Nickel-Specific Research

Kent State University Report on Nickel-Specific Research