About NiPERA Inc.

Incorporated in 1980 as a not-for-profit organization, NiPERA Inc. was formed to develop and disseminate information on any health or environmental effects that might be associated with the production and use of nickel, its compounds, and alloys. NiPERA Inc. is committed to supporting scientifically sound research and promoting general awareness of the care required in the production, handling, use, and disposal of nickel. During 2004, NiPERA Inc. became an independently incorporated division of the Nickel Institute, an international organization dedicated to all aspects of nickel product development and stewardship.


The major goal of NiPERA Inc. is to promote the health and safety of those exposed to nickel or nickel-containing products in the workplace and general environment. Specific objectives are to:

  • Initiate and fund research investigations, studies, and surveys pertinent to the occupational and environmental health aspects of nickel exposure.
  • Participate in and disseminate information on NiPERA-sponsored research within the nickel industry and within the scientific and regulatory communities. 
  • Inform members of papers, presentations, research in progress, scientific meetings, and worldwide regulatory activities pertaining to nickel-related health and environmental issues.

Research Activities

Since its inception, the Association has pursued its health-related research objectives by entering into agreements with individuals, organizations, and institutions worldwide, independent of the nickel-producing industry. The Association has collaborated with government agencies in sponsoring research projects. Research objectives and programs are developed in consultation with independent scientists and regulatory experts. Studies are directed toward the goal of determining safe levels of exposure for nickel workers, the public at large, and the environment. The results of many of NiPERA Inc.’s sponsored research projects have been published in peer reviewed journals.

Regulatory and Related Activities

NiPERA Inc. closely follows worldwide regulatory initiatives pertaining to nickel and its compounds. The Association routinely provides comments to both regulatory and non-regulatory organizations regarding documents or decisions that affect the nickel industry. In keeping with NiPERA Inc.’s mandate, such comments focus on scientific issues.

Annual Report

2017 NiPERA Inc. Annual Report